Membership Forms

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 **Please fill out form and email it to  or drop it off at the office. 

**Junior forms are for anyone under the age of 18

Team Registration Forms (xlsx)


When You are a Member of YCC you are getting....

Regular Members:

  •  An ultimate fun experience
  • Great social atmosphere
  • A voice in the club
  • A club that fully supports your curling and inspires you 
  • Chance to be more involved in the community
  • Exercise that can improve your health
  • FREE ice time (exclusive to members only)
  • Meet new people
  • Competitive curling option - if this is something you want
  • Clinics to improve curling skills will be available and is optional
  • BEST deal on curling supplies

New Members:

  • Same as a regular member but different
  • An experience that can change your LIFE
  • Our club is fun, supportive, down to earth
  • Scared you don't have skills? Don't be. This sport is very social and we offer new comers a class where we will show you the basics of curling is you are BRAND NEW to the sport.
  • Don't have a team? That is alright. We will help you find a team. This sport is for everyone. 
  • Give it a try. You won't regret it. Trust us. 

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