Kids vs. Kids Junior Curling League

What's more fun than letting your kids get together with other kids and have a fun game of curling and win prizes?!

Our Junior Curling League will happen every Friday at 7:00pm

Our Kids League will start November 29, 2019 and go until the end of February (depending on number of kids)

$5 drop in fee

How this league will work:

  • Random teams will made each week 
  • Point System for each curler who joins the league
  • 1 point for showing up
  • 2 points for a loss game
  • 3 points for a tie game
  • 4 points for winning
  • Top 4 Juniors with the most points by the end of the 'Junior League' will win a prize!

Prizes and other fun incentives for the kids will happen throughout the year. 

Are you interested? Let the club know your kids are coming by filling our the online form, phone or email the club. 

Phone: 306-783-4127    Email: