Iron Man Bonspiel

January 26th & 27th, 2018

Entry fee - $70  per team (supper included)

2 Person Teams
8 End Games

4 Rocks Per End

Leading team switches ends with partner on the 4th end.
No Sweeping

Cash Prizes
3 Game Guarantee

Register by: January 17th (entry fee due at time of registration)



Choice of Steak or Chicken Teriyaki 

Choice to be made upon registration

Supper is included in the entry fee.

Supper will be held at Rayzr's Pub at the Yorkton Hotel Saturday evening. 

Shuttle service will be available within the City of Yorkton


Registration and team fees need to be in to the Office by January 17th to hold your team's spot and supper reservations. 

Cheques to be made out to the Yorkton Curling Club.

Pay team fees by Pay Pal - See Below


Rules of Play

  • 2 people per team
  • Eight ends per game
  • 4 Rocks Each
  • No sweeping until the rock hits the hog line
  • Leading team by the fourth end switches sides with their partner
  • No free guard zone (you are allowed to hit the guard rocks at any time)
  • Ties are broken by draw to the button

How it works

In the first end one person throws 4 rocks while their partner is at the other end as the skip. For the people who are throwing the rocks, person A throws rock 1 and person B throws rock 1. This goes back and forth until they have thrown 4 rocks.

The partner holds the broom for the throws, and is allowed to sweep but only after the rock crosses the hog line. Once the end is done the person who was skipping now throws while the person that was throwing now becomes the skip.

The game continues like this until 8 ends have been played. However after the fourth end if your team is leading then your partner and you will switch end.


If you have a tie game one person from each team does a draw to the button. Whoever is the closest wins the game. 

Team Fees


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card